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Aerial 360° Panoramas

Aerial 360° panoramas are an excellent way to showcase what is in the vicinity of the property for sale. The viewer can zoom and spin the view in all directions. Have a look at the example shown below (click on the image to activate the 360 panorama). "Info spots" can be overlaid on top of the 360 panorama image to highlight schools, shopping, neighborhoods, roads, downtown, and even nearby cities.  In the panorama below - best looked at on a computer but it will work on a phone - have a look at the info spots I added, showing nearby roads, downtown, where Sherwood Park is, etc. Hovering you mouse above an info spot reveals info about the info spot. Furthermore, a web link can be added to an info spot - allowing the viewer to click on the info spot which will open up a new tab on their browser. The link can, for example, link to the landing page for your property  for sale.

Graphics can also be added to the 360 panorama. Some people prefer to see the road lines overlaid on top of nearby roads, for example. Or, a neighborhood can be shaded red to highlight it.

Finally, using the 360 panorama as a starting points, we can provide a  "still" image for any viewing perspective you'd like from the 360 panorama.

Be sure to click the "full screen" button on these panoramas to see them in their full quality.

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