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Construction Progress Via Drone

If you're starting a new construction project, drone imagery can help you demonstrate progress over time. Drone images can be taken at any given interval to meet your needs (monthly, weekly, several times a week), helping to keep everyone informed of construction progress. The ability to align each image from week to week, as you'll see in the video above, helps to provide extra visibility to compare changes before and after as construction progresses - as an example, you'll be able to look at the foundation and framing before it is "covered up" by subsequent construction phases. The drone's GPS and altitude position can be stored, such that each time the site is visited, the photo is taken from nearly exactly the same position.  Creating a catalogue of your construction sites, highlighting them as they progress from start to finish, will augment your ability to showcase your work to potential new clients.

Construction Progress Slider
Drone images can be scheduled monthly, weekly, etc to track the progress of a construction site. The images can be displayed in a slider as shown below, or in a photo gallery shown below the slider. Move the slider left or right to see differences between the July 22 and August 4 images below:

Automated flight paths
The screenshot and video below consists of about 14 "waypoints" and 20 "markers" which are pre-programmed upon the initial drone flight of the site. These waypoints and markers are uploaded to the drone to be used on subsequent flights; the waypoints and makers tell the drone where to fly and where to point its camera. The same flight can be replicated, with the same views and camera angles, each time the site is visited, ensure all of the important views of the site are captured during each site visit.

dronelink flight plan.jpg

High Detail Drone Imagery

Each of the 400+ blue dots shown below represents a drone photo location:

Drone mission photos.JPG

The end result

High detail image, consisting of 400+ photos seamlessly stitched together:

Bassano 4000wide.jpg

The high-detail image can be imported easily into Google Earth:

google earth screenshot.JPG

Accurate measurements can be taken in Google Earth:

Google earth measure.png

Create 3d models of your construction site:

Use the 3D model to take measurements and to count items on site:

Recent construction on a piece of land will not appear on Google maps satellite images, since the Google satellite images are typically a few years old. We can map out a piece of land and import the images into Google earth, allowing you to see up-to-date "satellite" imagery of a piece of property, as highlighted in the examples below, showing the same piece of land before and after residential construction. In addition, zooming into some details will be much higher resolution than what is available from Google satellite images.

Before construction:
Google before.jpg
After construction (same site as photo above):
Google after.jpg
Without drone imagery: low Google Maps detail
Capilano 2012 low detail.jpg
With drone imagery: same location as above, but with high detail drone imagery
Capilano 2020 high detail.jpg

Construction 360 Panoramas

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