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Complete a solar PV rooftop dimensional survey and shade analysis via drone - no more climbing up on rooftops with a tape measure and notebook.

Improve worker safety by avoiding having to manually measure on steep and/or snow covered roofs. Easily pull measurements from the 3D model to speed up your workflow.

Sample of our work, snow-covered building in downtown Edmonton:

We are solar PV and drone enthusiasts, with previous experience designing and installing solar PV in Alberta.

We are licensed by Transport Canada to fly drones legally in the Advanced category.

We are not solar PV installers - we are a drone photography company with expertise and experience to generate 3D models of buildings to help in the initial module layout and to predict annual shading and annual system output.

We use Scanifly and Pix4d 3d drone modeling software.


-Reduce site survey time by up to 90%

-Typically 8x better resolution than Google satellite imagery, which can often be out-of-date

-Improve worker safety - in particular for steep roofs, or during winter on cold, snow or icy roofs

-Perform shade analysis using Scanifly - validated and certified for shade analysis by California regulators

-Easily measure geometry - distance between roof vents, height of trees, etc.

-Easily locate roof obstructions on roof

-Export the 3D model into AutoCAD & SketchUp

-Automatically calculate monthly solar PV production

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