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Bassano Solar PV

Note: this webpage is meant for viewing on a computer, and is not very useful if viewing on a phone or tablet.

Download large files via this link (click here), which includes files for viewing on Google Earth. The link valid until July 30th, however I can reset it, please email if needed.

To open in Google Earth: (1) Install Google Earth on your computer if not already installed. (2) Open the Google Earth folder after unzipping it. (3) Do not move or rename the files. (4) Double click on the .kml Google Earth File. (5) This should open up the image in Google Earth, geo-located appropriately near Bassano. Any questions? Email

Click on this PDF to view the elevation profile:

A short video showing some available 3d modeling features which can be provided, best viewed full-screen:

A 25 MB version of the image shown below (25 MB is the max file size for this website, actual max file size available is 450 MB). This image consists of approximately 400 individual photos, stitched together. I can provide all 400 individual images if they can be of use.  Please email To download the image below from a computer (not phone/tablet), click it, and click the download icon that should appear on your screen in the top-left.

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