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Mapping construction sites via drone

High Detail Drone Imagery and Mapping


How it works


Each of the 400+ blue dots shown below represents a point where an image was taken of the field. These 400 images will be stitched together to make a very high-detail images.

Drone mission photos.JPG

The end result

High detail image, consisting of 400+ photos seamlessly stitched together:

Bassano 4000wide.jpg

The high-detail image can be imported easily into Google Earth:

google earth screenshot.JPG

Accurate measurements can be taken in Google Earth:

Google earth measure.png

Combine weekly mapping images into a progression slideshow

Combine several mapping images together into a slideshow, using the 'slider' method, in the same way as this smaller project was documented:

More ideas for drone utilization at construction sites

Construction 360 Panoramas

Best viewed full-screen. Spin the view around, have a look in all directions from inside the construction site.

Create 3d models of your construction site:

Use the 3D model to take measurements and to count items on site:

Construction Progress Slider

Drone images can be scheduled monthly, weekly, etc to track the progress of a construction site. The images can be displayed in a slider as shown below, or in a photo gallery shown below the slider. Move the slider left or right to see differences between the July 22 and August 4 images below:

Other Services and Information

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