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Introduction to Drone Pro Photography

I've put together this page to help visualize what is possible, highlighting some of the work I've been involved with.

The content on this page is best viewed on a computer or tablet to fully appreciate it.

Construction Progress Slider

Drone images can be scheduled monthly, weekly, etc to track the progress of a construction site. The images can be displayed in a slider as shown below, or in a photo gallery shown below the slider. Move the slider left or right to see differences between the July 22 and August 4 images below:

Construction Progress Video

Watch full-screen if possible, and pause the video anytime to have a closer look!

Construction Progress Sample Gallery

"Progress" imagery is not limited to tracking building construction progress: track pipeline construction, railway maintenance, well site development and land reclamation, road construction, stockpile inventories, transmission lines, etc.

High Detail Drone Imagery

Each of the 400+ blue dots shown below represents a drone photo location:

Drone mission photos.JPG

The end result

High detail image, consisting of 400+ photos seamlessly stitched together:

Bassano 4000wide.jpg

The high-detail image can be imported easily into Google Earth:

google earth screenshot.JPG

Accurate measurements can be taken in Google Earth:

Google earth measure.png

Create 3d models of your construction site:

Use the 3D model to take measurements and to count items on site:

Construction 360 Panoramas

Best viewed full-screen

Other Services and Information

  • We have worked on commercial real estate sites, both for existing buildings for lease or sale and for land leases/sales.

  • We have also worked on residential real estate projects.

  • We have a certificate from Transport Canada to fly drones legally in the "Advanced" category. Obtaining this certificate requires an 80% passing grade on a written exam in addition to an in-person practical flight review exam.

  • Interested in more information? Call 780-297-1735 or email

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