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Drone Pro Photography is a professional aerial photography service company serving Edmonton and the surrounding area. We have the legally-required Transport Canada drone certificate for Advanced Operations, in addition to $1M liability insurance.

We specialize in drone commercial real estate photograph in addition to aerial construction progression photography.

Downtown real estate

Use drone imagery to help show off your property for sale and to identify amenities in the surrounding area! 

The cost for a full set of edited photos, capturing the building from a closer-in perspective, and from a far perspective to capture the site and the surrounding area and roads is only $285 for small-medium size sites.


No need to hire a helicopter pilot! We have many stock videos showing off Edmonton and Alberta, and are happy to provide any clip you may be interested in. 



  • aerial photography

  • aerial videography

  • 360 panoramas

  • 3D model creation

  • photogrammetry

  • orthomosaic mapping

  • insurance inspections

  • construction progress


  • commercial real estate

  • residential real estate

  • corporate video

  • advertising

  • construction

  • agriculture


We carry liability insurance which exceeds the requirements specified by Transport Canada for commercial drone operations.

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